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Can titanium rod filter alcohol?


titanium rod filter can filter alcohol. Because the titanium rod filter with high temperature (300 ℃ wet state), acid and alkali corrosion, strong oxidation resistance and so on.


the definition of titanium rod filter:

Selection of high purity titanium or titanium alloy irregular powder processing made of titanium filter, mainly used in petrochemical, liquid medicine manufacturing, water treatment and other industries in the separation and filtration.

Filtration accuracy: 0.2--100um;

The length is: 5 ", 10", 20 ", 30", 40 "and so on;

Diameter: 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, etc .;

Interface form are: flat mouth, socket type (222 type, 226 type, 227 type), thread and so on.


the performance characteristics of titanium rod filter:

1, no particles off, do not pollute the liquid, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

2, high temperature (300 ℃ wet state), acid and alkali corrosion, strong oxidation resistance, suitable for a variety of environments.

3, low pressure, small footprint, large flow, 0.2 MPa can reach the maximum flow.

4, good mechanical properties, can filter filter can filter, simple operation.

5, mechanical strength, high precision, can be online regeneration, easy to clean, long life, the normal use of more than 3 years.

6, chemical stability, and can acid, alkali, can be used in the larger PH value range.

7, narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency.

8, anti-microbial ability, not with the role of microorganisms, can be used in bio-engineering and medical applications.