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CNOOC CNOOC and other enterprises to climb to see the titanium alloy oil and gas dedicated pipe project

March 10 to 11, PetroChina, CNOOC, Tangshan Haiqingyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Wise Steel Co., Ltd. and other corporate executives, to the vanadium and titanium technology incubator accelerator project construction site, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Sponge Titanium Branch , Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Vanadium Industry Co., Ltd. and other places, on-site inspection Panzhihua Titanium alloy oil and gas dedicated pipe project, and Panzhihua vanadium and titanium high-tech industry development zone held a cooperation and exchange promotion. Vice Mayor Deng Bin, Tang Shanhai Qingyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Zhijun, PetroChina Bohai Drilling Research Institute President Chen Shichun, Wise Steel Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Yongan attended the meeting. Combined with the investigation, the guests at the exchange meeting have said that Panzhihua is rich in vanadium and titanium resources, titanium alloy oil and natural gas industry application prospects are promising, look forward to Panzhihua further advantages, the introduction of more titanium products for the domestic titanium alloy Product application contribution force. Deng Bin thanked the guests to share the titanium industry, titanium alloy industry and other development and market prospects, so that Panzhihua more determined to do bigger and stronger to do fine vanadium and titanium industry confidence and determination. He said that Panzhihua expected to be in the titanium industry titanium alloy seamless pipe project as the starting point, relying on the wisdom and strength of the guests, sharing of advanced technology resources, broad market resources and strong capital resources, to promote Panzhihua Titanium alloy industry The chain develops in depth.

 Source: China Titanium Dioxide Network