Industry knowledge

Our titanium forgings areemployed in the aeroespacial sector

Welcome to buy or wholesale our high quality and customized bulk titanium forgings forged high precision titanium forgings forged astm b381 block in stock. As one of the largest such manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have a productive factory at your service, and we will offer you the most competitive price.

Titanium alloys are more difficult to forge than most steels. The metallurgical behavior of the alloys imposes some limitations and controls on Titanium  forging operations, and influences all of the steps in the manufacturing operation. Special care is exercised throughout all processing steps to minimize surface contamination by oxygen, carbon or nitrogen. These contaminants can severely impair ductility, impact toughness, and the overall quality of a titanium forging if left on the surfaces.

Our titanium forgings are not only employed in the aeroespacial sector; our products find a large employment in several fields, such as:

chemical sector;
 petrochemical sector;
 mechanical industry;
 paper industry;
 agricultural industry;
 construction industry;
 Titanium finds excellent applications in the chemical, petrochemical and shipbuilding industry thanks to its extreme resistance to atmospheric agents and its immunity to corrosion provoked by salt water and chemicals.

Speaking of which, we realizes titanium shafts for industrial mixing plants used in the fields above mentioned: formerly we has realizes shafts, that also underwent heat treating, with a weight of about 10,000 kg and an approximate length of 9,900 mm.