Industry knowledge

Titanium wire in the welding reactor Titanium, storage of acidic substances or alkaline substances tank storage tube, titanium equipment.

Titanium wire according to its chemical composition is divided into structural parts with titanium wire,titanium welding wire, titanium with silk, medical titanium wire.

The chemical composition of titanium wire for structural parts is carried out according to GB / T3620.


titanium welding wire chemical composition of the implementation of more standards, commonly used GB / T3623, AWS A5.16. The chemical composition of titanium wire used in structural parts is strict.

Titanium hanging wire chemical composition requirements than GB / T3620 low, so the price is low, the market price between 80 to 100.


Medical titanium wire chemical composition requirements in general than GB / T3620 consistent, but its hydrogen content should not exceed 0.01%.