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What is the difference between pure tungsten and tungsten

1, tungsten is rare in the world a kind of colored mineral products, the annual output is very low, very wide range of uses, mainly for casting ingredients with raw materials. Tungsten is derived from a white sand type ore body, the mine line is particularly small, after mining, grinding, water re-election, refining and other multi-channel process, get more than 95% grade tungsten ore powder, and then after high temperature electric furnace production The finished product is tungsten. Tungsten gold melting point: 3500 ℃. The current tungsten ore is mainly distributed in China and Russia, China is now the world's largest exporter of tungsten.

2, pure tungsten in the steel industry is an important alloying elements, can improve the strength of steel, hardness and corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide (tungsten carbide), hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, used in the manufacture of drill bits, tools and high temperature parts. 60% -90% tungsten-containing tungsten (or tungsten) alloy is an excellent contact material, can be used as a key, knife-shaped switch, circuit breakers and spot welding electrodes.