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Titanium and Titanium Alloy Sputtering Target

Titanium and Titanium Alloy Sputtering Target
Product Details

titanium alloy sputtering target 


  1) Pure Titanium target,Gr1  Gr2

     Purity: Ranging from 99.5%

  2) TiAl alloy target

 50:50at%, 80:20at%, 70:30at%, 60:40at%

 3) Ni-Cr, Ti-Al, Cr-Al, Si-Al, W-Ti, Cu-Ni, Ta-X, Mo-Nb and Co-Fe-X

2. Shape:

1) Round Target 

 Normal size: dia100X40, dia100X45, dia100X50, dia80X40, dia80X45, dia80X50

Dimension: Dia: 50-900mm*40-100mm

   2) Plate Target:

     Length: 200-400mm

     Width: 100-200

     Thickness: 15-30mm

  3) Tube Target:

 Your special drawing is allowed.

3. Application

 Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process


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