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Deep Machined Tungsten Materials

Deep Machined Tungsten Materials
Product Details

 deep machined tungsten materials/tungsten boat/tungsten electrodes/tungsten processed products 

Tungsten crucible

Areas of Application

As containers used in high temperature , tungsten crucibles are widely used in sapphire crystal growth, rare-earth smelting, and coating industries.

Product Specifications of tungsten boat

AT&M has 30 years of experience in producing tungsten crucibles and can meet all your requirements.

1. General density: 17. 8 g/cm3~18. 3 g/cm3;

2. Density after special process: higher than 18. 5 g/cm3;

3. Maximum outer diameter is up to 700mm;

4. We can customize products as your per need and meet all your requirements.

Note: For all specifications, we are able to adopt machining method to meet customers’ high precision requirements.

Production Process of tungsten boat

According to different dimensions and conditions of use, tungsten crucibles have different production processes. Crucibles generally have shapes such as round, square, rectangular and V-shape. Producing processes include sintering, welding, stamping, and spinning; in which sintering is used most widely.For micro or small tungsten crucibles,forged tungsten rods lathing or stamping process can be used. Tungsten welding process needs rolled tungsten plates to be hot bended and then weld it to fix. Spinning process is mainly used for producing thin-walled tungsten cr ucibles which have high technical requirements.


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